Francophones Consider Opportunities at Language School

As part of our ongoing efforts to introduce internationally trained newcomers and local employers to each other, we organized an Information and Targeted Recruitment event on Tuesday 24 November, 2020.

Like all our programs, services and events these days, this session was hosted virtually and was attended by our Francophone clients who are considering using their strong French reading, speaking and writing skills to work as language instructors.

French teacher and Customer Relationship Manager Romano Vassiband from Fast Forward French, a language school in Ottawa, spoke to our Francophone clients about the teaching opportunities available to them as strong bilingual candidates.

The participants were very eager and enthusiastic to know more throughout the event. And they asked some insightful questions regarding the opportunities for bilingual candidates at language schools, and the requirements and qualifications for these roles.

Some of the topics that were discussed at the event:

  • Being a highly qualified, bilingual newcomer and effectively using transferable skills in the current job market
  • How to transition from a language coach to working in other fields, for example in recruitment or Human Resources

“This was a very informative session and a good way to learn about the ways I can use my French language skills. Thank you World Skills and Fast Forward French for organizing this event” – Asma, World Skills client

Romano took the time to answer all the questions from the participants who are now looking forward to pursuing a career as French language coaches.

We are indeed fortunate to work with local employers like Fast Forward French who are committed to hiring international talent.

After the session, the candidates were encouraged to send their resumes to the hiring manager at Fast Forward French who will then invite the shortlisted candidates for a formal interview over the next few weeks.

Good luck to all the participants who are thinking of applying to Fast Forward French! We hope you hear some good news soon.

“Thank you very much for inviting me to this event. I appreciated all the information shared there and I am now preparing to apply” – Divine, World Skills client

If you are a newcomer jobseeker looking for employment related programs and services or networking and coaching opportunities, do consider registering as a client by writing to us on


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