Starting the Year Off Right with ENW

With the start of a new year, it is a time of reflection and celebration; a time to leave the previous year behind and speak positivity to the year ahead. You may have set a New Year resolution, but do you have a word to set your intentions? With our first Cohort of the Empowering Newcomer Women program for 2021, we asked each woman to select one word as a theme to help them focus on achieving their goals in 2021.

ENW participants are empowered to take on 2021! Taking any negativity and transforming it into something beautiful, the newcomer women have expressed feelings of optimism and confidence for their employment journey. They are ready to engage with employers, mentors, and participate within their communities. Conquering any fear of the unknown, they continue to strive for new opportunities and growth.

Bouchra mentioned, “I am now a new person with the help of these workshops.” A common theme throughout the program has been the development of self. The program does not only work on one’s career but also on how newcomer women can create and live their best lives. Participants are choosing self-care this year; with the hardships faced in 2020, they are determined to put physical and mental wellness first.

“I am empowered to connect with more people, find other means to connect with individuals—growth in my career, progress in my field, and taking care of myself. The workshop has helped to understand things as a whole, taking care of yourself and your professional goals.”  – Rhita. H

The women are now comfortable within their professional abilities and ready to enter the Canadian job market. They have clear targets for their job search and have become adaptable to the circumstances surrounding their lives and careers.  The program has equipped each participant with the right knowledge and efficient tools to take action, network, and integrate into Ottawa’s labour market.

We encourage the women to enjoy the moment, and to focus on the bigger picture. To look forward to their higher self and take in all the love, happiness, and positivity of being a newcomer woman! “My words for the year are happiness and abundance, chose to be happy no matter what happens. Abundance in love, work, and all I achieve in life.”Wassal. B

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