Tips from Public Service Commission of Canada for Your Job Search

As a newcomer, applying for Jobs in the Government sector can seem like an intimidating process. However, the Empowering Newcomer Women [ENW] program participants received detailed information on the hiring process and deeper insights on working in the public sector.

On April 27th, Helen Grantis, an Expert in Accessible and Inclusive staffing and Assessment at Public Service Commission of Canada graciously dedicated her time to network and coach the ENW participants. Helen discussed the following subjects:

· Creative strategies on how to apply for Jobs
· Unique methods on networking with the hiring managers
· Innovative methods on enhancing candidate’s professional profile
· Strong structured resumes and cover letters
· Types of tests and assessment conducted during the screening process and timeline for the selection process.

Also, Helen highly emphasized on the importance of networking and encouraged candidates not to shy away from contacting hiring managers at any divisions.

The ENW team would like to thank Helen Grantis for her time and efforts in simplifying the hiring process which was extremely valuable.

A special Thanks to ENW’s Employer Engagement team: Fatima Saadeddine, Haguer Abdelmoneim, and Andy Rapoch for organizing this event.

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