Connected Canadians: Connecting Older Adults with Technology Training and Support

The Empowering Visible Minority Newcomer Women program participants got a sneak peek of what it’s like to be a part of the Connected Canadians team. In our latest Targeted Recruitment event, the ladies were introduced to Connected Canadians, a non-profit organization founded in Ottawa that promotes digital literacy skills for seniors and older adults across Canada.

Guest Speakers CEO Emily Jones Joanisse and Program Coordinator Katlin Aarma did a fantastic job informing us about the accessible technology training and support services offered to our senior communities. At Connected Canadians, they believe that “all people should be empowered to use technology safely and effectively, to engage with loved ones, enhance their quality of life, and fight social isolation.” Working together with a team of experienced volunteers, seniors address the challenges they face with technology through customized approaches and in group workshops.

Many of the volunteers are newcomers to Canada that benefit from the cultural awareness while also being welcomed and integrating into their new community! Connected Canadians is now looking to hire new immigrants based in Ottawa with strong communication skills and a high comfort level with technology to work as technology mentors as part of the CED New Immigrant Mentor Program.

The session wrapped up with the ENW participants introducing their professional backgrounds and clarifying any questions. Emily and Katlin provided detailed answers and received very compassionate stories, and relatable feedback on the challenges older loved ones have faced.

Thank you to Emily and Katlin for their time and presentation on this wonderful initiative! A special Thanks to our Employer Engagement team: Fatima Saadeddine, Haguer Abdelmoneim, and Andy Rapoch for putting this event together for the Empowering Newcomer Visible Minority Women Program.

For more information on this opportunity with Connected Canadians visit, before midnight May 5th, or email

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